2016 Exhibition: Voyages of Discovery

The 2016 show features the Polar regions and exploratory expeditions to “new lands”.

James Maskrey (Sunderland, England) uses hot glass techniques to show items associated with expeditions to the Pacific and the Antarctic, with particular emphasis on the travels of Captain Cook in the eighteenth century and Captain Scott in the early years of the twentieth century.

In his series illustrating the voyages of Captain Cook, Maskrey depicts plant and animal specimens collected during the voyages to the South Seas and the attempts made by Cook to combat scurvy, the main killer of seamen on long voyages prior to the nineteenth century.  Plants collected included breadfruit and a range of herbs used to flavour beer brewed on board, including the first beer brewed in New Zealand.  The collection of “Dietary Curiosities” also includes two specific items designed to fight scurvy: “rob” of oranges and lemons and “saloop”, a concoction flavoured with flour from the sassafras tree.

The fight against scurvy is a theme taken up by Elliott Walker, from the London Glassblowing Workshop, who produces still life groupings of citrus fruits.

2016 Show

James Maskrey: Cook’s Dietary Curiosities

Elliot Walker: Orange segments

Elliott Walker: Still Life with Limes

In his attempts to delineate the “Great South Land” Cook travelled to the edges of the Antarctic.  It was over a century later that his exploits were matched by those of Scott and Shackleton…

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